Spiritual Music to Soothe The Soul


Mystic Dance Caravan

Dances of Universal Peace
(Live at Lava)

Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Spring 2018: April 13-15

Tent setup dance party: June in Salmon Idaho

Other locations to be announced as they are created!

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 Wanna Live Longer?
Then soak and dance!

Research has proven that people who come together in celebratory groups live longer. Add in dancing and music and community and you have a recipe that washes the body with good hormones, relaxes the mind, and contributes more good towards human evolution than any other activity.

Now, add in a mineral water soak, and you are in health heaven! Join us in Lava Hot Springs in October and experience the magic for yourself!

Who We Are ~ What We Do

We are a long time group of Peace dancers who meet to eat, dance and pray together in the Senior Center in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. We dance in the evenings and mornings, and then spend the day and soaking in the natural hot springs.

You don’t need to be an experienced dancer to join. It will feel like you walked into a room of old friends. Your body (the way it is), your voice (the way it is), all of our feet together, and our joy, is enough to transform! We join in a circle, learn simple phrases and tunes from the spiritual traditions of the world, and move and sing. A couple guitars, a few drums, and we are the music. It is what humans have done since the beginning of time – it is natural and easy!

It’s coming home to humanity.

Today’s favorite dance video!

What you can do on this site:

Here on LiveatLava.com you can register for the next retreat, buy the dance leaders a Latte, and join the community for the next celebration.

You can also chat with us on Facebook – your facebook posts will show right in this website.

Hope to see you soon.